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We uncover connections in seemingly unrelated data and reveal their hidden meaning using cutting edge technology, our unique know‐how and our own software ecosystem.

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Adamantine integrationsNew generation of server antivirus protection amalgamating custom know‐how and tried-and-true solutions of global companies.Browse


We're a small team of programmers writing big software. Our expert skills will build the perfect application. Our expertise and many years of experience guarantee functional and viable applications.

Ikona zpracování dat

Data Processing

We can do deep data processing and thoroughly analyze any format. We can discover hidden connections and mine important information form chaotic data.

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Open Source

Good software should be open to the world. That's why we've decided to offer a part of our know‐how to the community.

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Ikona vývoje aplikací

Tailored Applications

We begin where others end! The most complex problems are our territory.

Ikona serverů

Cluster Design, Hardware

We provide consulting thanks to many years of designing data centers for ourselves or third parties. Having trouble with virtualization, Docker or setting up a cluster? We'll find the ideal hardware configuration and tailor a software solution for you.

Ikona bezpečnostních řešení

Security System

We provide a unique security system. We've developed an enterprise antivirus solution for your clusters and information systems which protects your software infrastructure against dangerous files.

Multilayered Antivirus Gate - Adamantine
Ikona datové analýzy

BigData Analysis

Both our software and hardware cooperate to achieve peak efficiency. We can process remarkably large data with speed and precision. We make order in chaos!


We base our team on high qualification. We highly value communication. Innovation, creativity and high qualification are the basis of our team, our performance augmented by friendly and to-the-point communication. We play fair and we're authentic. Every day is an opportunity to show our originality.

Ikona týmu

Professional Team

Innovation, creativity and high qualification are the basis of our team, our performance augmented by friendly and to-the-point communication.

Ikona hvězdy

Years of Experience

More than eleven years of experience make our team a strong market player and guarantee a reliable solution to your problem.

Ikona kružítka

Architect of the Change

We've abandoned deprecated and disfunctional approaches and went our own effective path. We keep looking ahead and squeeze every inch to be better and more innovative.

Ikona rakety

Creative Solutions

We took the best of us and combined it with our rich experience to create a unique ecosystem for our department. We don't merely "glue together" third-party solutions, but make entire new visions come to life.

Ikona dokumentů

Flexible Structure

We're not confined by classic bureaucratic processes of large companies. We're a small team where the individual mind shines. We put complete emphasis on creativity and personal growth.

Big picture ikona

Big Picture

We can see things in context and grasp seemingly disparate data thanks to our insight. We look for connections in places no one would dare seek!



New generation of server-side malware protection that checks all data inputs and outputs in vulnerable parts of your infrastructure, protecting your digital solution from current malware threats.

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Structurous is exactly such software. A single click will analyze unstructured data and give you a complex overview of real information which remains concealed during manual analysis.

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We're constantly expanding our team to accelerate change in the world around us. Join us and change your life. We welcome innovative colleagues with open arms!

Junior CI/CD Specialist

Operating system management, cluster building, SW deployment in large-scale clusters.

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Junior/Senior Developer

We're looking for a developer to develop our software. Modern programming languages, design patterns and techniques.

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